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Class option 1: Snackable Baking Online Class

Join my NEW Snackable Baking class on Studio! In this 30-day online class, I’ll show you how to create snackable desserts — small, sweet, delicious creations. You’ll follow along as I make cake truffles, cookie snaps, and cups, and you’ll invent 3 original recipes of your very own to share with the world! Learn and practice all my favorite baking tips and techniques together with bakers from across the globe. Enrollment is open now and closes on Tuesday, December 27. See you there

The recipes you'll test, create, and bake!
Develop your pastry chef skills

Ingredient purpose and relationships End-to-end baking and construction steps Ideating and planning proccesses Taste-testing and adjustment skills Recipe deconstruction and creation how-tos Creative thinking and recipe development 4-5 hours per week


A Note from ty

Baking is an incredibly powerful tool for self expression. With a few (seemingly) simple ingredients as your canvas, you can create something that shows the world who you are. Recipes, delicious dessert, should be democratic – what's mine is yours if you are curious enough to take the journey. So roll up those sleeves and join me in the kitchen – it's time to show the world what you've got! XO, Tosi


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